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The Story


'Tebahide’ is the project of Jean-François Hertsens, musician, composer and music producer, based in Belgium. Passion for music took him in different direction with this project, one of very personal musical work, towards a music mixing of ambient sounds with rough rhythms. The piano, being his main instrument, is used intimately throughout these works along this universe of analog sounds and sound design.

All of these textures have been combined to get a hazy atmosphere, creating travel in both sounds and emotions.

The piano is a ‘felt piano’, which gives an intimate sound, very warm and melancholic.

“This project was created in 2020. I've been making music for a long time and I really wanted to do something personal, incorporating the emotions I desired to convey. It was necessary to refocus my musical influences in order to offer a coherent style. Then find the right elements in terms of sound design.”

The first single ‘Wavering’ is very representative : it is built in 3 different chapters. The beginning is very mechanical but airy at the same time. In all fluidity, the pattern becomes more complex while allowing an airy melody to appear. The song ends in a very serene way with an ambient piano.

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